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Submit your custom maps for consideration for inclusion in the official rotation selection. Learn more at the [wiki.](https://www.reddit.com/r/TagPro/wiki/maps) If you are still unsure how to proceed, ask at /r/TagProTesting, the [Mapmaking Discord](https://discordapp.com/invite/YbyyXgS), or contact an MTC member. ___ **Deadline**: October 29th at 3pm PST. ___ **Basic Guidelines** * Mapmakers are limited to 3 maps per thread. * Use the format outlined below. * Maps and preview images must be hosted on unfortunate-maps. ___ **Submission Format** *Entries must be submitted in this format to be considered for rotation.* Reply to this post with your title, map type (CTF or Neutral Flag), a link to the map page, a preview image, and an (optional) description. You can copy and paste this: **Title:** **Type:** **Map:** **Preview:** **Description:** If done correctly, your submission should end up looking [something like this](https://i.groupme.com/960x960.jpeg.a78b98b4daab4ea0b379d812aea0b988) (but hopefully not exactly like it). --- **This Thread's Mapmaking Tip** Struggling to make your map better? Fiddle around with the symmetry. Even if the map works, changing the flow of the map can help piece it together. ___ If you have the opportunity to participate in a 4v4 maptest on your map, be sure to do that before submitting. If not, the next best thing are the weekly map threads over at /r/TagProTesting. We strongly encourage everybody to take a look at submissions and to reply with constructive feedback. Not only does it help your fellow mapmakers, but your discussions here help the MTC as well.